For the life on earth, rain is an important factor. All living things along with the people need water to survive. It is the rain that brings in water. But, today even at many places; rain has become scarce. One should always learn to live with nature. The people today are involving in an activity that disturbs nature that affects the qualitative and quantitative amount of rain. This automatically leads to acid rain. The acid rain is mainly due to the pollution in the air. The human activities lead to acid gasses from homes, factories and the vehicles. These gasses enter the atmosphere and form the rain forming clouds. So, when the rain pours out, it comes as acid rain. This acid rain turns out to be a serious threat to the human life and other living creatures in this world. Unlike other races in this world, human kind should also learn to live with harmony in nature. When this nature is disturbed, the effects are imposed on the human kind. The rain from the nature is an art. Humans should not be the reason for the disturbance of this beautiful art of rain.

Serious threat all over the globe

The air pollution is not restricted to a single area. It is widely seen around the globe. The acid gasses produced on this earth go up into the sky. It is then pushed by the wind on the top of the countries towards the mother earth. Due to the air force in the top of the atmosphere, the acid gasses move from one place to another. For instance, the acidic gasses produced in Britain leads to the acidic rain in Sweden. This is really totally against humanity.

The effect due to acid rain causes immense ill effects to the human kind. It affects the buildings and the other structures. It causes many diseases to the human race. Due to this harmful activity, it is not the humans alone getting affected. The flora and the fauna are affected due to the acidic rain. The leaves are affected when the acid rain falls on it. When the acid rain falls on the earth and penetrates into the earth, the fertility of the soil is lost. This prevents the growth of tress and the plants are greatly affected. A single disturbance in the art of rain seriously affects the total living condition on this earth. So, one should always learn to live with the harmony of the nature. Check out here that portrays the beauty of rain as an art.