A person behaves well and in a disciplined way through a proper education. It is this education that gives us knowledge about everything around. It helps us differentiate the good and the bad in everything. It helps us reach greater heights in their field of education.

As a starting point, education is first started from home. It is the mother and the other family members who are their first teachers. It is after this time that one is sent to kindergarten school, school and finally college. It is this education to think in an active way and also in a proactive manner. It improves the everything a person possess i.e. skill, knowledge and intelligence in a wide way. This is the first step to success of a human in his or her life. In this universe, getting education has become one of the human rights. It is considered as an opportunity given to each and every child in this world. Only education forms the foundation of the future of a kid. Moreover, education is a must for both the girl and boy child. And the girls are not a option of choice for education.

It is up to school education, the child acts according to the wish of the parents or the guardian. After this, the child has the full right to decide upon the future i.e. the college life is chosen based on their own self interest. It is after these points that, they become independent to think, act and be active online. Through online, one can gather (search engines) and share (blogging, etc) more information. Find more information about blogging. It is where they are becoming expertise in a field of their choice. It is through education that one becomes:

  • The cruelty of a person is killed and the humanity takes its turn
  • Our point of view towards the things we view increases
  • Creation of awareness that is created about ourselves, about the society, about the things that surrounds us and the stuffs that affects us directly or indirectly
  • Earns respect from others unasked
  • A way to earn for our livelihood
  • One can get a good job from the education
  • Living a disciplined life that is obtained through the education.
  • Sharing of the information gained
  • Enhancement of gender equality
  • Women empowerment has taken face
  • Yields simple ways to earn
  • Eradication of social problems like child labour, child marriage, social evils