Culture of Slow Movement

The shift of culture towards the slowing down life’s pace is called slow movement. Carlo Petrini opposed against this during the opening of McDonalds restaurant in Rome in the year 1986.It as sparked out in creating the slow food movement. In meanwhile, it developed into a subculture in the other areas in the form of Cittaslow organisation for the slow cities. The epithet of slow has been applied to the various activities and also for the aspects of culture.

In the year 1999, Geir Bertheleson had created the world institute of slowness for the whole slow planet. They also explored the way of applying the slow philosophy to the every field of human endeavour. It is one of the Cultural Revolution which is against the faster, which is always better. It aims to do everything at the correct speed. It helps to save the times instead of counting. Doing everything is good while compared to do it as fast as it possible. Deals with the quality over the quantity towards everything from all the work and food and parenting. It is true that quality always supersedes the quantity.

Nothing is certain except the changes. The rate of changes increases in all kind of work and if you want to hang on you have to speed up. You click this message of today, which tells about the basic need of every one never changes. In human relations, there is a need of nearness care and love which can be given only through the slowness. Slow movement cannot be controlled and organised by the single institution. The popularity of the slow movement has spread to the Europe, Australia and Japan.

There is a distinct approach for the slow ageing and there is a positive choice of ageing. Medical anti -ageing system involved in the gaining of the potential natural extension of the life. In cinematography, the slow cinema is derived from the art film genre and it conveys the sense of calculated slowness to all the viewers. There will be resistance to movement and emotion in the slow films and there is a lack of causality in the film. Moreover there will not be any reality in the film. This type of film is taken by use of long takes and the acting will be minimum. Camera movement is slow and found to be inexistent. Only sparse editing and the use of unconventional use of music.