Culture is the concept of mixed beliefs and actions that defines the communities and any groups. Culture has its own way of reshaping the practice of physicians or doctors. The signs of a culture may be visible and non-visible (depending upon the cases). The visible indications of a health care professional include the language, dress and food. The non-visible indications are physical space, handling emotions and many more.

There are some cases where the patients and the physicians are from different cultures. This may at times lead to miscommunication. In this case, it is good to believe in a translator by the physician’s side. This paves way to the talk about cultural awareness and sensitivity. The physicians, healers and the other health care providers start learning about the cultural competence. By this way, the cultural safety is provided to the patients.

The culture also brings in the natural remedies to treat the medical illness. There are many natural stuffs and one can find here. Being natural means the supplements are free from side effects and contradictions.

Cultural competence

In general, the doctors or the physicians use their knowledge and their ability to give the complete health care for the patients (who may be from diverse cultural backgrounds) is declared as culturally competent. Being competent requires a person to be mix of stuffs like knowledge and capacity for the action. By understanding the patient’s cultural background, the doctors can make the patients involve more actively in the treatment.  So, when this cultural competence lacks, the overall health conditions are disturbed. The physicians are more culturally competent by:

  • Learning the patient’s cultural background and their level yields to the better interactions with the patients
  • Understanding the responses to the values and the beliefs
  • Practice of methods that are adaptable for the patients and their families
  • Working in collaboration with the people of diverse community and culture to understand more
  • Following of unique and quick relief medical practices

Apart from the physicians and the doctors being culturally competent, the institutions should also be more culturally competent with the patients who visit them. This says that the cultural safety should be followed everywhere and by everyone in the institutions.

Cultural safety

The cultural competence and the cultural awareness are detailed by the cultural safety. It is the safety care being provided to the patients by the doctor or the corresponding institutions.