Colours itself is an interesting concept. Learning about such colours is an innovative process. There is no exact rule or way to learn colours. But, there are many other ways to broaden one’s colour of palette.

  • See a colour by oneself: Time flies and along with that life moves on very fast. Life brings in different people in different events and thoughts. This is like life bringing different colours into our lives. When a sudden change occurs in our life, then one is exposed to new and different colour. The important point here is that one should be very attentive and take up what life gives us.
  • Get a chance to mix up colours: One can mix colours only in the case when the one has sufficient number of colours by themselves. When the real colours are mixed up with the other emotional colours; then one can get rid or obtain the colours that really one doesn’t want or one actually wants. For instance, the combination of yellow and blue gives us the unexpected green colour. This can be compared with the real life too i.e. when one person is in the depressed condition (dark colour), then some light colours can be splashed into the life to bring in joy or suspense. By, this way, one can discover new and interesting colours. Like the mix of colours leading new other colours, the mixed emotions lead to new hope in life. This looks so strange, but this is inspiring.
  • View of colour through other: The occurance of the event is less often. But, the colour shown by the others are also quite dark or intense. In most cases, this experience is felt only by the strangers. A sudden act of kindness or anger by an unknown person on us is an example of this type.

Unique way to look at the world

When a person grows up, there will be a favourite colour (it may be a choice of wish or choice of the environment). Depending upon the characteristic of a person, the choice of colours varies. The dark colours represent the hate, anger, intolerance and the rest of the negative effects. The light colours represent the optimism, positivity, thankful and peace. And after that, one starts viewing the world through our favourite coloured glass. At times, the colour of the glass may change i.e. either forcefully or intentionally. On the other hand, at times one starts viewing the world without any coloured glass. This allows the person to view the world at its maximum beauty. See this website to read the views of different people around the globe.