Colors Of An Artist

By looking at the color that dominates the painting you would be able to guess what the artist wants to convey.  This is quite important for an audience as most artists live in their world of silence and they rarely speak.  Visit this site right here to know the full details.

Mostly yellow makes us feel good.  The artist would be able to show the shades of the golden sunlight when he creates the splashes of yellow in his painting.  This color would magically transport us to the warm and cozy spring gardens or the sunny grazing grounds full of greenery with appropriate tints of yellow to show how sunlight is getting reflected everywhere.  When we see yellow, we get the warmth and serene feeling of sunlight energy filling us.

Orange also depicts sunlight, but it is mostly related to sunset and shows that darkness is arriving at a distance.  That creates a sad feeling in the mind of the audience.  On the contrary, a painting of an orange flower can activate and boost up your brain with enthusiasm. 

Red is not only an indicator of danger, it can signify various things like romance, ambition, and physical power.  When the artist tries to reveal the powers of God that is why he uses this color the most. 

Green is the celebrated color and it depicts the green pastures and thick foliage.  Sometimes it is used to depict the aquatic life too.  As an appreciator, you would find that it is cooler for your art appetite and it is true that paintings with an over a splash of green bring a feeling of safety and relaxes the mood of the viewer.

Gray and black are always associated with mysteries and sorrow.  It might create a gloomy feeling in you.  However, the power of these colors lies in bringing out the curiosity in you as you constantly try to explore what is inside the dark area.

White represents the purity of the characters in the painting and a white painting brings peace to the viewer.  You can interpret that the artist wants to depict peace and cleanliness by adding more white to the painting.  The other dark colors make a greater impact on the audience when it is given near white and the artist is trying to convey how deeper the contrast is.  Perhaps he is trying to bring home the fact that the real world is so different from his imaginary art world.