Calligraphy is an art that is closely related to the visual art (similar to art forms like painting, drawing, sculptures and the like). It is something that is related to writing. The lettering is designed and executed with an instrument that is broad tipped. It may look like brush or even other types of writing instrument. It is a practice of giving expression and harmonious feel to the signs. It is one of the rare forms of art that is highly skilful. The modern calligraphy deal with the inscriptions and fine art structures. In this type, the letters are not readable. Classical calligraphy makes difference from the typography and non classical calligraphy. The calligrapher may or may not practice both depending upon the interest. The calligraphy is rapidly growing and has placed its foot in the invitations (wedding or events), font design, typography, sacred arts, inscription and finally the memorable documents. It has made its entry in varied fields like certificates, maps, certain written works and many more.

A calligrapher simply uses a pen and a brush. The nibs of the calligraphy pens are round, flat or at times pointed. In case of decoration or creativity to be used, then the multi nibbed pens or the steel brushes are used. The calligraphy works does not end here with this limited usage. There are other tools like felt tip, ball point pens for this work. Gothic script is a type of calligraphy that makes use of the stub nib pen. The usage of writing ink should be carefully chosen. The writing ink should be water based. It should be less viscous when compare to the oil based inks (used in case of painting). Click over here now to know as to where these water based inks can be purchased. There are some specialty papers used for this purpose. But, in general the parchment and vellum types are preferred more often. The errors and the mistakes are removed with the help of knife. There are some common brushes and pens used in calligraphy. This includes the following:

  • Fountain pen: It is a neb pen with the reservoir inside. This holds the water based ink.
  • Quill: It is a writing tool that is made from the bird’s feather. This feather is dipped in ink to write.
  • Dip pen: It is a nib pen similar to a fountain pen.
  • Ink brush: They are brushes.
  • Qualm: It is a pen made from a dried reed.