Berlin Horizontal, sightseeing lying on a bed

Some days ago, right when Obama and Michelle were walking on the Berlin Wall Memorial Park in Berlin under a burning sun, I got struck by something unusual. I saw a bike with a bed mounted on the rear side, with a couple of tourists on the top. I quickly took note of the name of this weird way to go sightseeing. Our senses are very much essential to live the life to the fullest. It is the eye that helps us enjoy the sightseeing activities that turns out to be fun. Similarly, it is the ears that hear more about the surrounding. It helps us gather information. Such a ear should be taken care well with the help of natural supplement that is available in the important site. The name is Berlin Horizontal and its creative mind is Richard Eckes.

Berlin Horizontal I contacted him and tried to get to know how he came to this lucky idea.

R.E.: ”Originally I was looking for a cycle carrier. One day a friend of mine told me that a PR agency got built for an hotel chain a “Pedelec” (a pedal electric cycle) with a bed on the top and that it was lying unused somewhere in Munich. This triggered in me the idea to buy this special “lying carriage” and to use it for sightseeing, surprise- tours and fun- pic/-video shootings.”

M.C.: ”In Berlin there are some alternative ways to go sightseeing (from the usual bike tour, to the rickshaw, and many more). In this arena of diversity what aspect of innovation/change brings your idea?”

R.E.: “Being around the city lying on a bed is something totally unusual. The point is that everybody has a bed of course, but normally in a protected, intimate place. It might be even “the” most confortable, cosy and relaxing place where you like to be. And now you can even go with it all through Berlin.

Berlin Horizontal BB004 Kopie

By the way, I can offer unique souvenir photos or videos. If I take the pictures from the right angle I can avoid to show the bike or any brands. Therefore it seems like a single bed stays in front of the most renowned places of the city.”

M.C.: “What´s your public?”

R.E.: “People between 5 and 50. There is no special rule.

But preferably I get reservations from clients who want to make a surprise for a birthday or an anniversary or farewell parties with friends.”

M.C.: “Do you think this idea could be implemented also in other cities or this represents in a certain way a typicality for a weird city likeBerlin?”

R.E.: “Of Course this is exportable also in other cities. I guess it is anyway worth a try.”

M.C.: “How many tours do you plan in a day? How much does it cost? Is there only one bed or many all over the city?”

Berlin HorizontalR.E.: “Till now Horizontal Berlin is a One Man Show: 1 bed, 1 biker, 1 manager. A one hour tour costs 38 euros inclusive fotos and/or video shooting. Meeting points are individually determined, I only charge the guest with 12 euros more for each half an hour drive to get to the appointment.”

M.C.: “And now a question linked to the topic of month on illywords (“The Banquet of Creativity”): What´s creativity in your opinion? Many big thinkers in all eras followed some rituals to get inspired and creative. Do you have any “ritual” to get an idea or to improve your creativity?”

R.E.: “Creativity cannot be ritualised, I think. The moment you hardly “want” to be creative turns into a “not be able to”. In my experience special atmospheres provide the spirit with an elan that brings you close  to fertile discoveries or ideas. I think now at the delirium of good music or sport. Or rather accidentally the most banal daily dream with open eyes..”

Isn´t it a great idea! Waiting for getting a ride.