The arts and crafts project is immense in case of kids. This helps to nurture the creativity. It helps in the physical development in a more matured way. The social relationship of a child is also healthy. Depending upon the place and availability, the types of arts and crafts are wide and varied. One can go through the types of arts and crafts in this hyperlink.


  • Development of motor skills: Most of the arts and crafts projects are done with movement of hands and fingers. These are the, motor skills. These involves usage of the muscles and hence the strength of the same increases. Out control over the movement also increases. This even is described by a simple painting skill which involves usage of hands and capacity of thinking.
  • Increases dexterity: Dexterity is a condition in which the hands are used as part of arts and crafts project. The starting step may look simple, but increases the child’s agility as time goes on. As time increases, the finger movements increases and the speed gets high. This in turn increases the artistic skills of a child.
  • Improved hand and eye coordination: Arts and crafts improve the hand and eye coordination. One can get this practice at the early stages itself. This helps us improve the ability to play sports and any other forms of art.
  • Boosts up self esteem: A practice of arts and crafts gives a feel of achievement. This in turn boosts up the self esteem in oneself. When a kid is taught something, he or she is in control and builds up the confidence in oneself.
  • Improves the socialism: The child’s interaction with the other child is very much important. This makes the child more socialistic. This builds up the friendship which improves the relationship.
  • Promotes the innovation and the creativity: The world of arts and crafts is a platform to create things. It is the one that makes a child think differently and innovate in a creative way. So, in their life, whatever the problem is, that child will be innovative enough to get out of that.
  • Improved decision making skills: A child who is artistic will have the ability to take decisions on their own. This develops the leadership qualities in oneself. The memory is also improved drastically. They will always think for alternative ways for a problem and will be a problem solver.