Benefits of Arts and Creativity


Whether you are creating or observing the art in any form, it helps in the reduction of hormone of cortisol. At the same time another hormone called endorphin, a good hormone is released which keep your mood in happy and reduces the stress and pain. When you are enjoying your life, you will be filled with the sense of fulfilment and transforms you to reach the positive mind and look what i found as a well -rounded person. Increased dopamine in the blood circulation leads to positive feelings and plays a significant role in improving the memory, self -monitoring and introspection. We can help ourselves to solve our problem and ability to focus. It greatly enhances the mind and the body and delays ageing.

Anyone in the world has the capacity to create the creative art. Those who didn’t created the art till now also has the capacity to form any art, but they are not trying. Creating art is considered as the feeling of reward. As it is like giving life to something in the world which might have intrinsic value. When we regularly encourage the creativity of the people, they tend to develop the sense of fulfilment and in turn they are developing the self-confident. They can put their complete effort in their work and also have self-assurance of life in other areas also.

Creating art allows them to express their feelings and emotions which are buried deep inside, they cannot express it in the verbal form. Extension of themselves lies in the creation and they continue their journey where the inner workings continue liberating. Due to the art and the creativity, they are able to identify what they are liking and what they are not liking, what gives them encouragement and what gives them discouragement. The journey of creativity gives them self -awareness and self -discovery.

We are living in a country which is diverse in culture. It is one of the fabulous subject for art, so the people who can identify different types of people around them. Moreover they take risks to take own creativity and they have the sense of innovation and resourcefulness. They work hard and overcome many challenges and discouragement. The creative expression of the art brings incredible happiness to the people. Art contributes to mental health and not linked to madness as it is a common belief. Try to explore new ideas and create your own style.