A person’s identity in the public is show cased by their unique fashion. It portrays person in public. It is the medium of communication with other persons. Fashion should give a comfy feel to the persons (social skin). A person’s fashion is the type of clothing one wears, accessories they are comfortable with, the hairstyles and the footwear they use. Till yesterday, girls were considered more fashionable than men. But, now a day, men are also becoming equally fashionable as women. It is not only the external attire that focuses on the fashion. There are other factors like slang of talk, language, style and way of eating that are also indirectly connected to fashion.

Fashion changes as time rolls on. The people come to know about the new, trending and streaming fashion in to the industry from the newspaper, magazines, internet, television shows, social connection and the reality shows too. Illywords is one such blog that also deals with fashion. From the pool of varied collection of garments available, one can choose the needed and the comfortable outfit they like. Based on the fashion in the markets, one can choose the fashion of choice. A person being in trend gives confidence to face the world. Around the globe, fashion has different terms. This may change depending upon the climate too. Look at this to learn the latest fashion in trend for all seasons. Fashion is also an art with more creativity. It is an advanced step of arts and crafts. There are also special designers for the same.

Fashionable men and women

When the talk about fashion rises, both men and women are turning out more fashionable. In earlier times, girls were more fashionable (with the choice of bags, footwear, accessories, hair styles, etc). Now a day, the men are equally fashionable compared to women. Like women, men also take interest towards self grooming. They too visit parlour and salons quite often. They are also becoming branded as women. They concentrate on the own accessories like watch, bracelets, types of footwear, hair styles (simple or spiky) and many more.

Fashion gives a unique style and confidence in both men and women. They will be strong enough to face the public. They will be full of positivity. They will not have any fear towards facing the strange people or the strange situations. They will socialise more easily. They turn out to be an inspiration for many other people who keep in touch with them.