A person who is in harmony with nature will automatically look beautiful even without any makeup or any extra ad on. By this way, one can put an end card to the makeup using the chemical cosmetics. There are many healthy ways to look and feel beautiful both from inside and outside. This puts route for a healthy life. The inner health is an important factor for a person to be healthy outside. Illywords is a blogging site that deals with such beauty. There are also several other natural tips that include the following:

  • Eat healthy: A person is considered healthy by the healthy eating habits. The fruits, the vegetables and the sprouts helps us glow from inside. A glossy skin is got by consuming the protein rich food. For a body to function properly without any hassle, it is the complete balanced diet that does magic and wonders.
  • Drinking of more water: It is very important for a person to be hydrated at all times. Water is an important source of life. Depending upon the age, one should consume the required amount of water every day. It is the water that flushes out the toxins present in our body. By this way, our skin is given an extra freshness. It also suppresses all the age related issues and keeps us young and active.
  • A peaceful sleep: A person who sleeps well will be active the next day. This is a universal fact. A person who sleeps perfect will get up fresh (the next morning). It is the time when all the healing process goes on. All the repairs an injured body (if any) is getting done. One should really get both the quantitative and the qualitative sleep. 6 to 8 hours of sleep should be experienced by everyone. This prevents the ageing factors from appearing. The complexion of the skin is improved.
  • Physical activeness: A person should be physically active to keep the mind and the body healthy and fit. This activeness can be endured by simple tasks or minor changes in the day to day activities. There are many benefits of being physically and mentally active. One can view it here. The physical activeness can be induced in oneself by the following actions:
    • Usage of stairs rather than steps and elevators
    • Usage of bicycles to the nearby shops
    • 30 minutes of physical work outs
    • Indulgence in some outdoor activities
    • Volunteering in social awareness programs