Art Heals Eternally

What is so good about art is that art gives you the same relief from sorrow or depression.  When you drink a cup of hot soup or relish your favorite food it might always make you cheer up.  This is because you get the necessary energy from the food.  The added feeling of satisfaction that you consumed something that you liked is making you feel more satisfied.  You feel that you had been given the extra privilege to enjoy something against the common fact that you always suffer.

You get this same excitement and satisfaction when you get to review a good piece of art.  It enters into your body and soul and heals you perfectly like a medicine.  It boosts up your happiness hormone and drags you out of your sadness.  The quantum of sadness is huge, you add more art to your life and that serves as the exact medicine.

One day when I was feeling so empty after the death of my partner, I could not stay alone at home.  I decided to take a walk and noticed some art exhibit at the end of the road where I lived.  I bought a ticket and went inside to spend some time.  There were numerous paintings and the colors were so soothing to my mind.  I just stopped thinking about my sorrow for a second. 

The next painting was about simple things in life like flying balloons, laughing children, sheeps grazing in the field.  There was even a picture of a poor but old man giving ice creams to numerous children around him.  I felt better and optimistic after seeing this picture and a thought starting coming inside my mind.  The art had made me feel that I could still have something meaningful in life.

Then I went near the sculpture of a unicorn made of recycled items.  It was so huge and the artists had used metal rods from trash to make it.  Some of the rods were even soldered and it was surrounded by lots of teenagers and children who were busy clicking selfie with it.  I was amazed at the amount of relief and excitement art can create in people’s minds.  I felt as if all those who were there were happy and forgot their worries. 

I went to have some coffee there and I met another person who had come there to appreciate art.  I had a small chat with him about art and he promised me to take to another gallery.