Art Festivals Of the World

Each sometime between January and April, the artist gathers at Ghent to display a wide range of restored Ancient art and it is quite a feast for the audience’s eyes.  It is quite amazing to see the vast forms of tapestries and wall hangings in such exhibits.  You get to see a lot of such art pieces in the Musei Capitoline, Rome, or National Gallery in London.  Besides painting, you can watch a rare collection of sculptures also.  You can see a wide range of famous paintings in all these places right from Madonna of Pink to Finding Nero. 

If you love street Art take to Newyork, London or Paris as you can enjoy a lot of related happenings in these cities.  Try this site to find full details.    You get to see good street art in the Jersey city art program wherein various artists gather together to paint big murals.  Who can forget the Montreal street mural festival as it is a tourist attraction too?  Famous painters’ works take part in this festival and this is the right place where you get to see a contemporary form of mural art.  Come spring, Belgium posts a splash of colors by hosting the crystal ship art festival.  Many of these murals are held permanently and you get a chance to see artworks massive in size.  Besides street artists work together to create art installations and the entire city of Ostend comes into life with unbelievable colors.  If you want a slight dosage of modern art your visit should be towards Detroit.  You can see a variety of sculptures and paintings throughout the street and this happens mostly during September.

If you are a lover of wide-open art on walls then Hawaii or Sacramento should be your destination.  In street art festivals, there is also a bash of dance, drinks, and music.  You get to see rare forms of dramas and folk music.  The costumes and the stories are different as these represent different cultures, beliefs, and traditions.  Your mind gets so open as the music from the flute of the rural folk musician lingers in your ear.  It is in these festivals we get to meet them and have a glimpse into their world.  We also get to see the audience who are true lovers of art varieties and cheer the artists to the core.  So why don’t you pack your bags and set out to attend one of these?