A person with fantastic eye for the visual design is called a art director. They are the one who are responsible for the images and the visual styles in the magazines, newspapers, movies, television productions and many more. For a project, it is the art director that designs the overall design, layouts and the artwork. They have their work focused in the advertising firms, magazine publishers, theater firms, motion picture and video industries.

Work of art director

Art director is the one who governs the overall tasks done by other artists and the designers. The work may be for live performances, advertisements, video games and image for television. It is they who design the overall style for a project. They circulate the framed vision to the artists and the designers. They submit the works in the form of images, graphics, charts, graphs, movie sets, photographs and illustrations. With the producers and the directors, the set designs are overseen for the theater and the television. It is he who understands the design elements of the projects with the projects on budget. They work on the time scale. They indulge in the following:

  • Decides the best way to represent the concept more visually
  • From a varied arts, photographs, designs and arts, it is he who decides which stuff to use
  • Overall look and the style of a campaign to developed
  • The design staff are supervised by them
  • The design works and artworks are reviewed and approved by the art director
  • A meet with the clients aids for better result.
  • Coordinates with the artistic and the creative departments
  • Decides the timelines and the budgets for the campaigns
  • Presents to the clients for the overall approval

Even though the art director is familiar with all the overall works, the basic work is not carried out by the art director. For an art director to begin with, he or she needs a strong conceptual idea. This acts as the strong back bone of the particular work to be started. Look these up to know the importance of the strong conceptual idea. The communication skill is very much required for the art director to communicate with clients and the other staffs. Both the appreciation and the criticism are considered by the art director only. The art directors have placed their foot in varied industries. The basic will be same but the type of work varies slightly. Almost all the fields require only the artistic style of work.