An art director starts a job by creating a unique portfolio in the market. Depending upon the type of job they are involved in, they are being hired by the concerns. In the early stages, the competition for the job was very less. But in today’s world, a strong competition prevails as the skills and the talents of the individuals reach its peak. Some of the art directors are self employed on their own interest and ability. While others are being hired based on their skill in varied fields.  The work of the art directors is full of depression in some cases. They work hard. It involves stress as they purely work with their brain. The art directors show their ability in varied field like the following:

  • Publishing: the page layout of the newspapers and the magazines are overseen by the art director. The cover page of the books and the periodicals are chose by the art directors. This may include both the web publications and the normal handouts.
  • Advertisements: they work in coordination with the clients and the public. They make sure that the client’s message is being delivered to the end users (public). The visual aspects of the advertisement or the media campaign are monitored by the art director. They help in coordination with other graphic designers too.
  • Movie production: The art director in collaboration with the directors decides the sets needed for the movies or the television shows. The complete design is achieved with the help of technicians and the staffs

Workplace of an art director

Being an art director is not easy and simple. It involves many sacrifices and adjustments. Find out more to learn the workplace of an art director in detail. In a workplace, the art directors:

  • The social interaction is quite a lot
  • Need to work with the customers or clients
  • Works with the creative staffs, designers, producers and  even directors
  • Takes the responsibility of the works done and show by the designers, stylists, artists, photographers, graphic designers and many more on the queue
  • Always works with the groups of people or teams (specialised in a particular area)
  • Depending upon the work, requires the team work
  • Works on the problems and finds a solution for the same
  • Communication with the customers to get project and to show off their talents and height of innovativeness
  • Work hard to meet the timelines and the deadlines