Art And Recycling

When some people collect withered leaves, flowers, twigs, and weird things like straws, ice cream spoons, and paper plates I used to wonder what the reason might be.  These acts would amuse me till I visited a gallery where I found a huge sculpture made of used tin cans. 

Each year, the quantum of plastics and other wastes we throw magnifies the landfill and has entered the sea waters too.  Click here for info on this.  You might have thought ways to reduce these, but it is quite hard to implement.  That is why we keep throwing stuff recklessly pacifying ourselves that we would reduce the trash sometime later.  I too was in this category of humans and perhaps threw more plastic than others.

However, when I visited an art exhibition where things were made using recycled/trash items my perception changed.  The first thing I felt while standing before the enormous sculpture made of trash tin cans was ‘oh!  Do we create so much trash?’.  You practically feel so tiny in front of the sculpture and get the real fear.  As if the sculpture is going to swallow you because of its hugeness…..At that time the thought struck me was ‘Is this how the pollution that we create is going to make mankind extinct?’

That was indeed a powerful message to me and I would rather say that it was the power of the art that jerked me out of my utopia.  Till that date, I was thinking pollution would cause large harm maybe..not during my lifetime.  Then I went to the other corner of the gallery and watched an artist setting up his piece of work using the syringes.  Lots of medical wastes are being dumped and few are toxic enough to bring more troubles. 

Of course, we had a brighter part too and that made the positive aspect and threw light on what we could do.  The next art piece was a massive clay pot carrying a real bean plant.  The message of the artist was simple and straight forward.  If you care for nature, the rewards would be abundant and useful. 

I also came across a huge globe made using recycled paper pulp and figurines made using straw and recycled plastic.  After enjoying the hot dogs and a cup of tea in the food counter of the art exhibit, I reached home.  However, the art and the impact it had on me still lingered for days.