Contemporary fashion has come across varied hybridisations between art and fashion, design and style, fast fashion and slow fashion and similarly fashion and anti fashion. The term anti fashion is collectively grouped so with various styles of dresses that are contrary to the fashion. The styles of anti fashion means the indifferent attitude or which may rise due to some reasons with the fashion being a secondary topic of discussion. It is also termed by the high end designers who create trends that do not come under the category of fashion. It is an activity that alters the current theory of fashion. The newly designed styles are then given hype by the media which enters the mainstream at times. In crisp, anti fashion is defined as the established mode of fashion that does not fit in terms of fashion.

The concept of anti- fashion is closely related to the dynamism of fashion. There are many examples in the history of anti fashion. There is always a close relationship between the theory of fashion and anti fashion. Fashion is the basis for the birth of anti fashion. And at the same time, the evolution in fashion is fuelled by anti fashion. The anti fashion is a fixed factor that changes over the period of time. In other terms, it is also dependent upon the social, cultural and ethnical group.

History of anti fashion

The period o anti fashion took it its birth in 1950s. This was during the advent of rock and roll. The concentration was mainly with the adolescent women. The young women wore jeans and the simple plaid shirts or the military clothes that formed the root to the anti fashion. Decades later, the name was under punk and grunge. Here is the official source of punk and grunge. The word took its origin in the mid 1960s. The punk took its form in the 1970s (with the help of fashion designer called Vivienne Westwood). The punk fashion was adopted instantly by the teenagers. These were the clothes that focus on the fetish feature with the leather bondage pants, offensive jewellery, pants that is ripped, etc. On the other hand, punk clothing was adorned with chain like stuffs. In 1990s, the punk anti fashion took its face in the form of minimalist style in the Atlantic areas. It was just the black jeans with white t-shirts (plain with no brand name). On the other hand, grunge took its style as the street style (with emphasis of designer labels).