Andre Komatsu is the winner of Premio illy for SustainArt at ARCO Madrid 2011

The Brasilian artist Andre Komatsu is the winner of the fourth edition of Premio illy for SustainArt. The prize was assigned today in the morning in the illy´s exhibition space, designed by the world famous artist Tobias Rehberger as integral part of ARCO Madrid 2011, the international Contemporary Art fair taking place from 16th to 20th February in the Spanish capital.

The illy sustain art has been discovered in the year 2007 and the main aim of it is to deepen the dimension of illy cafés action. And also to extend the international art community and they are progressing their attention towards the business growth. Exploring new frontiers of creativity and it is an actual place for the exhibitions and art events are conducted for artists from all over the world. Suganorm in the form of capsules are available online at low cost which can be purchased easily. It is made up of natural ingredients without any side effects.

Illywords was there to report about the exciting atmosphere around the event and to tell us something more about the winner. Andre Komatsu is in his early 30s, he comes from San Paolo, Brasil and after his studies in Visual Arts he exhibited all over the world, in Spain, UK, Italy, USA, Japan. His winning work of art is “Concreto Periodico” which, according to the jury, strikes for its visual impact and for the high quality of the presentation, which reveals an innovative individual approach.

The atmosphere at ARCO is quite bubbling and sitting here at galleria illy sipping a cappuccino is amazing. We see crossing the space many interesting people: from Lucia Bosé – do you remember the wife of the torero Dominguin or better known as the mother of Miguel Bosé? – to the good-looking Prince of Asturias, all through peculiar people like the German artist and journalist Konstantin Schneider who curiously walks around with a strange helmet on his head filming people and spaces (then we understand this is his usual gag!) to finish with an old sculptor from Madrid who looks like coming directly back from the 70s. He is happy to write to us sentences forming circles in different languages. Starring us with his deep eyes, without saying a word, the old man writes down on a scrap of paper TRUST!  We do not know if this would help, but we appreciated it a lot!