Alessandro Mendini’s homage to Depero

On now through October 17 2010 in Rovereto at the Casa d’Arte Futurista Fortunato Depero (Via Portici, 38 Rovereto (TN)), the exhibit Mendini > Depero presents furniture and tapestries designed by the Milanese architect and designer Alessandro Mendini that are inspired by the creativity of the Rovereto-born Fortunato Depero. This part of the museum in Rovereto opened in 2009 after restoration; it was founded in 1957 by Depero himself (he was responsible for the art inside but also for the floor mosaics, the painted panels and furniture decorating it), making it the only futurist museum in the world founded by a futurist artist. How… forward-thinking!

An Art museum is a place where you can view rare masterpieces and it is worth the visit.  It is precious like Casanova and hence the memory of a museum visit will always be pleasant.  In museums, you get to see photographs of the past which are politically important.  You can catch a glimpse of famous paintings made by master painters and rare artistic cutleries and chinaware.  Sometimes you might be taken aback by a clock or some form of the simple machine which artistically does numerous job.  The weapons, ethnic wear, and jewels of the past age would leave us in deep thought on how it is intrinsically made.  Museums and exhibitions are truly eye-opening places of the past era and we can learn a lot about the past world and their knowledge.  When we get to see old books and scriptures and the languages in which these are made we can learn about the philosophies of historic men.  Most of the historic museums speak about the tradition, culture, and wars fought by the men of the past era.  You might be left wondering how much the present world has changed.  Some times vast relief of large portraits and the natural colors used in them is truly awesome.  When you get to see some large statues or mirrors or weapons we learn about the techniques they used to make those.  In a few museums there are huge tapestries that have religious paintings depicted in it.

For this special exhibit , the gallery space sets up a close dialogue between the works of Depero and the new creations by Mendini, especially in the case of four large tapestries made on this occasion. Also on display are some of Mendini’s historic creations from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.