Active Mind to Live Healthy Life


Staying active every day is very important to lead a healthy life. It protects you from the risk of getting heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and obesity. Not only physical health linked to the active lifestyle, but also mental health and cognitive function. No need to be a sports runner to maintain your health. When you stay active, it may help in the heart workout, getting self-confidence, staying strong and maintaining healthy weight. To stay active you have to do the things with the enjoyment. For example, you can go for walk with your friends outdoor, it doesn’t matter whether you are doing work outs in gym, doing aerobics with the help of DVD, going for bike ride or other things, you just always in moving. One may find it difficult to identify their lifestyle. You may have feeling of trying something new. Here we will go through some strategies which will make you to stay active and healthy. You will be surprised when you feel better by doing this little tasks daily.

1. Take it slow

For those person who are not active previously should start out slowly. Better you have to talk to your doctor before the start of exercise program, as there may be some need to take precautions. Start the sessions only for five to ten minutes and then later gradually increase the length of the session.

2. Physical activity for 30 minutes

Each day you have to do the physical activities for 30 minutes. Divide it into three ten minute’s session, which is better than the longer session. For a day, you spend ten minutes for dancing before you work, another ten minutes to go for walk at lunch time and the remaining ten minutes to walk around the neighbourhood as you reach home. Even more exercises is good from health, but do it with precautions. So you can avoid injuries to muscles and its strain.

3. Take stairs

Instead of using elevator, climb the stairs for five minutes. It helps you to burn 150 calories. Stile Bio supplies the weight loss products which helps to lose weight instantly without any side effects.

4. Foods to boost the mind

At certain age the brain gets degenerated and they are plenty of ways available to strengthen the brain. The nutrient rich foods such as olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, blue berries, eggs, turmeric, asparagus, kale, walnuts, dandelion greens, avocado, red wine, dark chocolate, etc. are found to be healthy for both body and mind.