The term blog is called as weblog. In short, it can be said as a type of website. A blog is under control of a single person. This is in general adorned with the regular comments, description of something (related) and other supporting stuffs in the form of graphics and videos too. These entries find their way in the reverse chronological order i.e. the entry made will be the top entry for the other successive entries made in the upcoming days.

The term “blogging” refers to the addition of content to a blog. In general, people blog for several reasons. Some blogs is similar to the personal diaries. On the other hand, some blogs are just the commentary about some particular subject i.e. in particular; blogs about the upcoming films. A blog may include text, images, videos, graphics, charts, links (to other web pages or web links) and many more related to the topic on write. Almost all the bloggers have a commentary session in their blog to be more interactive.

There are blogs for varied reason. Some of the blogs are about art (art log), photographs (photo blog), videos (v log), just music (MP3 blog), general audio (podcasting blog), about sketches (sketch blog) and so much on queue. Now a day, blogs with very short stuffs are getting famous. This type of blogging is called micro blogging. Illywords is one such type of blogging site that concentrates on art, food and many more. Here is my latest blog post about food recycling in Illywords blog site.

Amidst all types of blogging, personal blog is the most common one. The personal bloggers will not gain fame instantly, but they are the one who spends most of the time sincerely in blogging. It simply reflects the personal life or the works of an individual. Some of the bloggers instantly gain world famous fame while others get only good following. On the other hand, some will never receive any recognition for the effort they put.

There are some sites like Twitter which allow the bloggers the share their thoughts or information or ideas instantly within their group of circle (known people). This is becoming more common in the today’s generation. On the other hand, there are blogs related to corporate stuffs. These blogs are mainly meant for business purposes. This is meant for easy and quick communication amidst the workers. Any quick information is also easily passed on to everybody.