Innovage: the purloined article. Some time ago, I was kindly requested by illywords editor to submit to the magazine a write up on the topic of Innovage.

Everyone likes to get old in a healthy way. I loved this way of getting old in the place where they are by the usage of natural supplements.  Almost all the old age people are found to affect by high blood pressure. So, these old aged group of people should take a precautionary step for a healthy lifestyle with Detonic. One can always lead a happy life with the balanced diet, proper physical activity, quality life and natural supplement. It helps us get rid of hypertension and all the problems associated with it. It gives us a feeling of well being. Detonic is a water soluble powder formulation. It works by removing the harmful stuffs from the body in a natural way due to the following characteristics of the supplement:

  • The increased content of blueberries in the composition
  • The berries present contains D-mannose in the composition
  • The berries also contain compounds that nourishes the body
  • It strengthens the body by energising and powering the body

The powder formulation cleanses the body from inside. It also deals with the calories intake and helps shapes the body. It tones the body both internally and externally. According to the manufacturer, the product works by:

  • The components in the powder improve ketosis
  • It commands the body to consume less carbohydrates
  • The fat cells are burnt to create energy thus balances the calories intake
  • One can feel the stomach fullness, thus preventing the excess eating
  • One will feel strong from outside and healthy from inside

Detonic can be easily consumed. One should buy the product from the manufacturer’s site to avoid any fraudulent cases. Being a water soluble powder, it is mixed with the water or juice or milk and consumed as required once a day. This is consumed at least for about 6 weeks. If required, this period can be extended.

I gladly sent along my piece, but when the issue it was supposed to be in was finally published, no amount of browsing between the covers was able to turn it up. There’d been a snag somewhere along the line and my article had gone astray and been left out…

Thus reads an entry by author and journalist Luca De Biase in his blog dated November 2008.

It’s all too true, I’m afraid! The issue dedicated to the topic of Innovage was special, for it celebrate