The catchword is re-fresh. At all costs and by any means of the technology made available. Top of the list is the cell phone. By way of example, Censis, the Italian institute responsible for gathering censuses and behaviour surveys, recently published a poll which stated that 79.8% of young people consider the cell phone the best way of getting the latest current affairs updates, even if they only receive the headlines and not the full story.

The tastes and preferences of the younger generation are quite different and tech-savvy.Hop over this site to know full details.  They spend all their time on gadgets and their whole world is surrounded by computers and mobile phones rather than people.  It is through the internet that they socialize, and direct interactions are gradually reducing.  As we already said even watching a news report on television has come down and they prefer online sites which provide the one line crux of the whole matter.  Everyone is busy and they want it as short as possible and no one has the patience to read a lengthy article.  Moreover, young people focus elaborately on matters that entertain them, yet they want every information.  The webs provide the essence of happenings shortly and sweetly.  However, when we consider the side effects of this gadget addiction it is quite worrisome.  It causes a lot of health and mental issues and even unimaginable social problems.  This type of socializing keeps them in an isolated mindset, and they continue to live in their worlds.  They rather stop talking at one point yet keep themselves engaged in their online chats.  Sometimes this leads to bullying and unwanted groups and that will harass and corrupt their minds leading to violence.  On the other hand, they start losing a sense of how a relationship really would be.  They start believing that online relationships are far secure, true, and closer than real people.  When they suddenly realize one day that they had been let down they find it difficult to comprehend what went wrong.  This huge quantum of shock is unacceptable for them.  That makes everything they believed so long in their lives as false and even shatters their whole world.

It is this constant re-freshing that can cause a sort of neurosis, an anxiety caused by reconfiguring one’s mindset by continuously introducing new elements and new stimuli, but not necessarily.